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PrawnikThe Office of Legal Advisors WITKA & NIEWOLA S.C. was established in July 1998 as a reply to the demand of Clients for the services connected with an increase of commercial turnover safety.
It consists of a team of 20 members, 13 of which have a valid registration in the list of legal advisors.
Their work is supported by an adequate personnel potential and modern technical facilities.

Fulfilling the tasks entrusted to us, we render complex legal services for domestic and foreign companies. We currently work for twenty one companies on the basis of permanent fee-for task agreements or in the scope of immediate legal assistance.

prawna obsługa podmiotów gospodarczychThe specificity of commercial activities run by our numerous clients makes us develop comprehensively. We increase our qualifications and broaden our skills by constant development of work techniques.
The employees of the Law Office who are responsible for services to foreign companies have a fluent command of foreign languages (English, German, Italian, French, Russian), both speaking and writing. We have adequate knowledge and experience in this scope.

We are very effective in the management of cases and execution of debts for our Clients. We act professionally, punctually and creatively, of which the opinions of our Clients may certify. We guarantee our Clients the lawfulness of proceedings in the course of cases entrusted to us, according to the valid law and professional ethics of legal advisors.

Using our services gives the certainty that the legal problem will not remain unsolved, as work in a big team ensures dealing with all aspects of it.

The services rendered by our Law Office are of high quality and professionalism, and thus they ensure safety of completed business.