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Przedmiot działalności kancelarii radcowskiej

The complex legal services of domestic and foreign companies (in English, German, Italian, French, and Russian language) includes especially:

  • civil law and proceedings,
  • widely understood commercial law, including:
    • fiscal law,
    • commercial law,
    • law of securities,
    • mining and geological law,
  • administration law and proceedings,
  • cases concerning local government,
  • co-operative law, housing co-operatives and ownership of premises,
  • real property market,
  • law of public procurement,
  • European law,
  • building law,
  • power industry law and water law,
  • employment legislation and social insurances,
  • revenue law and proceedings as well as legal proceedings in administration courts within this scope,
  • invention and copyright law,
  • banking law,
  • customs law,
  • execution and recovery of debts.

The provision of legal assistance consists especially in:

  • drawing up of commercial law partnership contracts, creation of new companies, dealing with all activities necessary for their registration in courts, offices and completing other formalities;
  • rendering of services in corporation cases, e.g. preparation of regulations for boards of directors and supervisory boards, organizing meetings of partners and shareholders, preparation of resolutions and documentation for meetings, keeping registers of reports, shares and stocks, introducing changes to contracts and statutes of association;
  • creation of programmes for the purchase of shares and stocks of companies;
  • merging and transformation of companies;
  • commercialization and privatization of state-owned companies;
  • participation in bankruptcy or repair proceedings on the side of creditors or the bankrupt subject;
  • formal-legal supervision of investments made by the Client, especially including investments in special economic zones;
  • obtaining permits for foreigners;
  • assistance in the choice of economic and commercial partners, in the country and abroad;
  • giving opinions, advice and explanations in cases concerning application of the valid law regulations;
  • drawing up of contract agreements, preparation of legal deeds, official and legal proceedings letters;
  • participation in pre-contract negotiations and assistance in the preparation of tender documentation;
  • mediation with the purpose of dispute solving;
  • legal representation in court and administration proceedings and at other adjudication bodies on the basis of power of attorney;
  • court ( action, adjudication, execution) or non-court (agreement, compensation, sale of debts) recovery of debs in the country and abroad.